Hockey & Ringette Skills Competition

Welcome to the 2022-2023 hockey season and Head2Head’s second year offering our exciting skills competition program! Head2Head is a mobile Hockey & Ringette Skills Competition for all levels of amateur hockey & ringette from U-9 to U-21 teams, 3on3 teams, Men's league, corporate challenges, and private events. What happens when you book an event? We will come out to one of your practice times or ice rental slots, our H2H officials will set up, tear down, track all players speeds and times during the events and results will be posted on our website. Head2Head will MC and play the teams favourite music during the competition. Check out our event packages and choose your favourite. The skills competition events include fastest skater, hardest shot, King of the breakaway, accuracy, agility, and team relay. We have been putting our heads together over the summer and based on the feedback we have received we have put together a coaches charity challenge. Our goal is to make sure that your team bonds, becomes closer and truly enjoys the experience of competing and having fun.

Charity Support

We at Head2Head Skills feel it is important to be giving back to the community, we are so grateful to be able to enjoy all the abundance in our daily lives, be it at work or play. This year we have chosen Homes For Heroes Foundation in support of the Edmonton Atco Veterans Village. The Homes for Heroes Foundation was developed in response to the growing number of military veterans who are facing crisis as they return to civilian life and find themselves on the path to homelessness. To learn more about what they do we encourage everyone to visit their website . A portion of each paid skills event held will be donated to this worthy foundation and we thank all service members for their dedicated service. During the 2022 season we were able to support four worthy organizations: The S.N.A.C.K. Program, Kids with Cancer, The Ukraine Relief Fund, and Steps for The Stollery Walk. Each one of these organizations deserves a round of applause for all their efforts.


We offer tournament directors event packages based on their needs. Check out our corporate team challenge for your office, birthday parties, men's league, 3on3 teams or a group of friends that just want to have some fun. Its Great Team building for all groups. We are here to keep fun in the game of Hockey


Tournaments and Event bookings

  • This package is quoted by tournament and per event.
  • This option will allow you to pick and choose 4 from the following events:
  • Fastest skater
  • Hardest shot
  • Accuracy
  • King of the breakaway
  • Head2Head team relay
  • Agility
Fun Facts about the Skill Competition 

Over the years we always watch our favourite hockey players compete in the skills competition, here are the all time top 10!

Fastest Skater:  

10-Scott Neidermayer / New Jersey Devils - 1998 had a time of 13.56
9- Jordan Kyrou / St. Louis Blues - 2022 smoked everyone out with a time of 13.55
8- Sergei Fedorov / Detroit Red Wings - 1994 had a time of 13.525
7- Mike Gartner / New York Rangers - 1993 had a time of 13.510
6- Connor McDavid / Edmonton Oilers - 2018 had a time 13.454
5- Mike Gartner / New York Rangers - 1996 had a time of 13.386
4- Connor McDavid / Edmonton Oilers - 2019 had a time of 13.378
3- Connor McDavid / Edmonton Oilers - 2017 had a time of 13.310
2- Mathew Barzal / New York Islanders - 2020 had a time of 13.175
1- Dylan Larkin / Detroit Red Wings - 2016 had a time of 13.172 

All of them are truly gifted and a pleasure to watch ...... But our hometown Hero is on the top 10 list 3 times.

Let's get to the hardest shot of all time: 

10-John Carlson / Washington Capitals - 2019 had a slap shot of 102.8 mph
9-Shea Webber / Nashville Predators - 2017 had a shot of 102.8 mph
8-Zdeno Chara / Boston Bruins - 2008 had a slap shot of 103.1 mph
7-VictorHeadmen / Tampa Bay Lighting - 2022 snapped out a 103.2 mph
6- Zdeno Chara/ Boston Bruins - 2011 had a bullet of 105.0 mph
5- Al Lafate / Washington Capitals -1993 had a shot of 105.2 mph
4- Zdeno Chara / Boston Bruins - 2009 had a shot of 105.4 mph
3- Shea Webber /Nashville Predators - 2016 had a shot of 107.8 mph
2- Shea Webber/ Nashville Predators - 2015 had a bullet of 108.5 mph
1- Zdeno Chara/ Boston Bruins - 2012 had an absolute Rocket of a shot that still stand today of 108.8 mph, Look out !

Also remember the boys in the 90's that are still in the top 10 used either a two piece stick or wood !

Next we will display the top 10 for Accuracy for all time in the NHL, which I might add that only six players in all time have got the 4/4 here they are to start:

1- Ray Borque - Bos - 1992
2- Mark Messier - NYR - 1996
3- Jeremy Roenick - CHI - 2004
4- Tomas Keberle - Tor - 2008
5- Evgeni Malkin - Pits - 2009
6- Daniel Sedin - Van - 2011
7-Sebastian Aho - Car - 2022 

Now here are the top 5 fastest times for the accuracy Competition!:

5- Sebastian Aho - Carolina Hurricanes - 2022 -  4/4    10.973  
4- Sidney Crosby - Pittsburg - 2017 - 4/5 with a time of 10.734
3- Jamie Been - Dallas Stars - 2012 - 4/5 with a time of 10.204
2- Jaccob Slavin - Carolina Hurricanes - 2020 - 5/8 with a time of 9.505
1- Daniel Sedin - Vancouver - 2011 - hit 4/4 with a time of 7.300 which still stands today.

Lowest goals against in an All star game / Breakaway Challenge:

5- Patrick Roy Montreal Canadians  2 - GA 25 shots 1991
4- Mike Richter New York Rangers 2 - GA 25 shots 1992
3- Dominic Hasek Detroit Red Wings 1 - GA 9 shots 2002
2- Roberto Luongo Vancouver Canucks 1 - GA 12 shots 2004
1- Roberto Luongo Vancouver Canucks 0 - GA 12 shots 2007

As for the break away Challenge, in 2018 Marc-Andre Fleury put on a clinic and still holds the record with 14 straight saves.
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